It’s Time To Rock And Roll

Posted: Friday, May 22, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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After 33 years of interviewing people FOR Keloland News..I’M the one who’s being interviewed BY Keloland News this time.
My old pal and colleague, Perry Groten, has me up with the roosters Saturday morning to talk about the South Dakota Rock and Roll Music Association Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Shrine Mosque (Formerly Arkota Ballroom) Sunday evening.
As I’ve written here before, I was asked a year ago by rock and roll music historian, Don Fritz, to be a board member of the association. I should have said no because I don’t have all that many years left and this one has raced by at supersonic speed. It seems like we were just laying the groundwork for this weekend’s big event and now it’s here!
I’ve never really been on the board of anything before and didn’t realize what a commitment it demands in time and resources. But I’m not complaining because it has been great fun helping put this ceremony together; not only getting to know all of the inductees but having the wires of my memory plugged back in to those fantastic times of the 50’s and 60’s..the very roots of Rock and Roll in South Dakota.  
I get to emcee the ceremony and don’t mind telling you that I’m going to be a bit nervous sharing the stage with the likes of Bobby Vee, Gary Mule Deer, Mean Gene Okerlund, Sherwin Linton, Myron Lee, The Mystics, The Byrnes Brothers and The Jadesmen; most of whom will be performing live..with lots of room for dancing.
I see the weather isn’t going to be all that great for activities at the lake so I hope lots of you will choose to join us for a memorable Memorial Day on Sunday at the old Arkota at 13th and Phillips in Downtown Sioux Falls.
Tickets are 20 bucks and available at the door.
For lots more information..including details of the free events at the Washington Pavilion preceding the ceremony..CLICK HERE.
Rock On!  

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