Lady Liberty From The Inside Out

Posted: Friday, May 15, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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I don’t know about you but hardly a day goes by that I’m not reminded of that September morning in 2001 when terrorists crashed 2 hijacked airliners full of passengers into the World Trade Center..causing the twin towers to come down as the world watched in horror on television.
Every time I see a program that features a vista of New York City..I can’t help but think about how the skyline was changed forever on that awful day when over three thousand people died.  We continue to feel the effects of September 11th every time we travel by air or attend large public events.  Security has gotten a lot tougher since 9-11and we’ve come to expect and accept the fact that we’re going to be searched and scanned indiscriminately by people who take their jobs very seriously.   
There was some good news, though, this week as it was announced that beginning on the 4th of July, visitors to the Statue of Liberty will once again be permitted to climb the spiral staircase to Lady Liberty’s crown for the first time in over 8 years. This is an early image of Lady Liberty with some interesting statistics.Visitors haven’t been allowed to climb up her arm to the torch formany years.
An estimated 2 ½ million people visit Liberty Island each year but even before the interior of the statue was closed, only about a third of them actually made the five story climb up..but even at that, it was awfully crowded and took a long time to complete the journey. 
Way back in July of 1980, on a visit to New York City, my two daughters and I went to the statue and, for some reason, there weren’t a lot of tourists that day so we got right in and headed up the circular stairway. I don’t remember how many steps it is to the top but I do recall being exhausted from the heat and the exercise. The view of New York Harbor, though, from the crown of Miss Liberty was both beautiful and awe inspiring. We all agreed it was an incredible experience and well worth the effort. Looking out the thick glass windows that make up Lady Liberty’s crown.And this is what they see; a spectacular view of New York Harbor
I’m so glad that now people are going to again have the same opportunity as we did to chalk up a few memories from such a  unique vantage point inside that most famous of American symbols.
Sadly, they can no longer behold those two magnificent monoliths that proudly stood across the harbor stretching 1,370 feet into the clouds.
If nothing else, the re-opening of Lady Liberty’s crown on Independence Day, demonstrates that our resolve to overcome acts of terror and hatred against us, has not diminished.
I wouldn’t mind going back to see that lovely lady with the lamp again..but I’ll just admire her from the outside and leave the climbing of all those stairs to someone younger and thinner this time.

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