Rock and Roll III

Posted: Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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As the weeks wind down to the South Dakota Rock and Roll Music Association’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony May 24th at the Shrine Mosque (formerly Arkota Ballroom) in Sioux Falls, here’s a closer look at two more of the groups who were selected to be included into the first group of inductees.
In the late 1950’s, Tom Lammon started a band called The Mystics while at Midland High School. He later attended college at Northern State in Aberdeen, where the band flourished. They performed at many ballrooms throughout the upper Midwest, including Tacoma Park, The Arkota, Ruskin Park and The Hollyhock. The Mystics always put their drummer on a pedistalOne of the groups they worked extensively with was the Hullaballoos of England. The Mystics cut several records in Minneapolis and also received the National Ballroom Operators Award in the mid 1960’s.
Like so many other groups of that era, The Mystics were inspired by Myron Lee and the Caddies.  Tom says they were the ultimate group in South Dakota. Although the Mystics disbanded many years ago, Tom and some of the other members are still involved in music and will be on hand to perform a few songs at the Hall of Fame ceremony on the 24th.
In 1961, Gary Miller of Spearfish, formed a band he called “The Vaqueros” while attending Black Hills College. The name came from the song made popular by a group called the Fireballs. Gary Miller and the Vaqueros. Recognize the guy with the guitar?The Vaqueros played primarily in Western South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming. Their “home” was the Spearfish Pavilion where they opened for The Champs, Ventures, The Crickets and Gary U.S. Bonds.
Gary changed his name to Mule Deer in 1970. He has since gone on to find success and fame as both a musician and a comedian. He’s a regular guest on the David Letterman Show and tours several months out of the year with pop singing icon, Johnny Mathis. Gary has released several albums and recently performed at Carnegie Hall. Not bad for a Spearfish kid.Gary (Miller) Mule Deer (on left) with pals, Steve Martin, David Letterman andComedian, George Miller.
He too will perform at the Hall of Fame ceremony at the old Arkota on Sunday May 24th. 
For ticket information and to find out more about the Rock and Roll Music Association CLICK HERE.
Next week: Myron Lee and the Caddies.
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