Rock & Roll part 2

Posted: Friday, April 24, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Keloland Television’s Captain Eleven may have been the only man with the power to control time..but those of us involved in the newly formed South Dakota Rock and Roll Music Association are making an effort to rock back the clock to the roots of rock and roll music in South Dakota. Seven bands who played a significant role in providing the music that kept young people entertained and dancing during the 50’s and 60’s will be the first to be inducted into our Hall of Fame on Sunday evening May 24th at the Shrine Mosque (formerly the Arkota Ballroom) in Downtown Sioux Falls.If you grew up in..or have an appreciation for..those terrific times when music was simple and  simply can hear it again and meet the guys who made it happen during the ceremony on May 24th.
Among those in the 2009 Hall of Fame class are “The Jadesmen.”
The group, which includes former Augustana College president, Bruce Halverson, got its start at Edison Jr. High in 1958 and continued as they attended Washington High. During their hayday, The Jadesmen played at ballrooms and clubs throughout South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. The band kept going strong throughout college at Auggie until they finally went their separate ways in 1966.
Although now scattered all over the country, the guys reunited in 1998. It was so much fun they decided to produce a CD four years later. The Jadesmen have since recorded a second CD and will get back together again to perform at the induction ceremony May 24th.
Also in the class of 2009 are The Byrnes Brothers. They formed about 1955, being all Lakota, they received a large following across Indian country..especially on the reservations. Ted Bordeaux joined the brothers in 1958 and continued with them until the youngest Byrnes brother, Fred, became old enough to play bass.  Now nearing 80, Ted Bordeaux continues to play steel guitar on occasion. Sadly, all of the Byrnes Brothers except Dean have passed away. Dean continues to live in Pierre where he has his own entertainment business and still sings the oldies. He too has a CD and it sounds fantastic! Dean has also agreed to sing at the induction ceremony. 
For more information on the inductees and how to get tickets..just click here.
Next week, I’ll be profiling two more inductees; Gary Miller and the Vaqueros from Spearfish (Gary Miller went on to fame and fortune as a comedian, Gary Mule Deer)
Plus, The Mystics out of Aberdeen who also plan to perform at the ceremony.
Rock On!

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