A Bit Of Cheer On A Stormy Day

Posted: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Snow..cold..gusty Northwest winds..blechhh.It’s March so what did you expect..sunny, mild, bird-song singin’ zip ah dee do dah days until we slip gently into Spring? I don’t think so..not around here anyway. No, the month of March is like Lucy holding the football for Charley Brown to kick. He knows she’s probably going to pull it away at the last second and he’ll fall on his keester again..but he keeps on believing that maybe this once she’ll have a heart. But Lucy, like the month of March, has no heart; only taking pleasure in our gullibility and frustrations.Sometimes, when I need a little cheering up, especially on cold, stormy miserable days like this, I go through old e-mails from people who like to send me jokes or humorous pictures. Most I wouldn’t dare post here and most just aren’t that funny..but a few do tickle me and I hope they may help get your mind out of the snow bank too.Either the police sketch artist is way off or this Anchor has some splainin’ to do.Make up your own joke.A novel idea for a costume party don’t ya think?Herb..sometimes I think we may be spoiling Jeffy. "Like, I hope I got this Notre Dame cheerleading scholorship for more than my good looks."It’s been hard for Sommer to adjust to her state’s new helmet law.Sommer also works at the bakery part time taking cake orders.This was Hemmingsen’s last birthday gift to his wife before the divorce.I vish zey all could be caleefornya girls.Well, that’s all for now. Linda needs to use the bathroom. 

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