Give Me A Ring

Posted: Sunday, January 25, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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If you’ve just finished eating or are about to start..I apologize in advance for the following:
I was reminded this week of an old joke about a Norwegian gentleman using an outdoor toilet. As he was pulling up his pants, some change fell out of the pockets and down the hole.
He then took a five dollar bill from his wallet and threw it in the hole too. When  a friend asked why the heck he did that, the Norwegian said, “Vell, it vasn’t vert it to go fishin’ around down there for yust 35 cents."
What would it take for you to make such a disgusting descent?  Certainly not five dollars; probably not for five hundred dollars. What about five “thousand?”
That’s what Phoenix plumber, Mike Roberts, aka Mr. Rooter, did it for. Here’s the poop. (sorry)
A California woman, Allison Berry, had just finished eating at Phoenix’s Black Bear Diner when she excused herself to the rest room.
Apparently, as she was completing that mission, her 70 thousand dollar diamond ring slipped off her finger and into the  toilet which she proceeded to flush before realizing what had happened.
It was gone..lost forever in the bowels (sorry) of the Phoenix sewer system. Or was it? An emergency call was placed to Mr. Rooter who spent the next eight hours fishing down the biffy with his fiber-optic cable. Then, finally, “success!”
The “root” man was able to return the treasure to a greatly relieved (sorry) Ms. Berry who, after a thorough hand would hope, wrote out a check to Mr. Rooter for $5,200 ..another for $250 to retile the bathroom and another for $200 to an employee for staying late.  
I hope she has enough left over to pay a jeweler to have that expensive ring resized.This is the ring. It has 7 carats and a couple pieces of corn.(sorry)Az.Central Photo 

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