God Speed, Mr. President

Posted: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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I suppose some of you might be wondering if I have anything to say about the torch being passed in Washington on Tuesday or if I’m just going to continue writing about cats.
Probably cats.
Reporters and commentators have pretty much exhausted the English language trying to come up with just the right superlatives to precisely and accurately describe the historic significance of what has taken place. I have nothing to add except that once all the emotional interviews with old civil rights marchers (which brought tears to my eyes) are over and the new president gets some sleep, there’s a lot of work to do
I, for one, am very optimistic that we have the right man for the job. I like the fact that he doesn’t seem rattled at all by the enormous challenges he faces in the months and years ahead. I realize that self-confidence will only take him so far so I, along with millions of  others..will be offering up prayers on a regular basis for him to succeed in bringing about the peace, prosperity, respect and domestic harmony we ALL desire.
I will also be praying for the personal safety of our new president; that he will be protected from any who still harbor old racial hatreds and would wish to do him harm.The first steps of what will hopefully be journey of success.    Time photo

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