"A Lousy Drummer?" Ouch!

Posted: Friday, January 9, 2009 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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It was getting’ a little rough over there at that other blog; kinda personal too.
Let’s try starting fresh here.
I always expect a certain number of readers to get their undies in a bunch whenever I post something political but the one on Al Franken being certified winner of Minnesota’s tight U.S.Senate race really struck a lot of nerves.
Liberals must have something like a prayer chain in place and start calling each other whenever a blog appears that isn’t in lock step with their way of thinking.
“Hey Todd…ya see what Lund said about Franken on that lame blog of his today?”
“Yeah, Scott already called and I read it.”
“Really sad. He seems to think that left wingers tend to be elitist and condescending creatures who only like to hang with others of like opinion and equal education.”
“Did you see that he called “Air America” defunct?”
“Oh, yeah. I sent an anonymous comment calling him on it..and suggested he was too dumb to know what the word defunct meant.”
“You didn’t tell him that “Air America” went bankrupt a couple years ago and is now just a shadow of its former self with Ron Reagan its biggest star did you?”
“Hell no, let him do his own research. I did get him good, though, suggesting he must have gone to a ‘vocational school’ while Franken, on the other hand, graduated from Harvard.”
“Yeah, that’s funny. Did Lund actually go to a vocational school?”
“I have no idea. But he’s as dumb as those who do.”
“Yeah..heh heh.”
“I see our buddy Michael got him good too; called him a lousy drummer.”
“What has that have to do with his crumby blog?”
“Nothing, I just thought it was funny and knocked him down a peg or two.”
“I don’t even think he plays the drums anymore does he?”
 “No idea, I just assumed Michael did his research and would know.”
 “Yeah, well..whatever. What I do know is that he’s always been a Bush lovin’ Republican and, when he was on the air, he happily toed the company line repeating lies about the war in Iraq in order to increase ratings.”
“Gosh, that’s terrible. I wonder if there’s any proof that is actually the case?""Proof?? Are you kidding? Keloland News covered every troop deployment..every emotional homecoming and every dead soldier’s funeral. If that’s not drinking the Bush Administration Kool-Aid I don’t know what is."  "I’ve been researching some of Lund’s blogs over the last three years and he seems to have changed his tune. He’s been claiming that, like most Americans, he’s been against that war and opposed to the President’s policies since it became obvious that the weapons weren’t there. He also claims to have voted for Obama and be a friend of Bernie Hunhoff.”
“Yeah, right. So why does he continue to slam us liberals?
“I dunno He’s insignificant anyway. Hey, Squibby wants us all to get together at Black Sheep tonight and watch Bill Maher’s show on TV. Al Franken, Michael Moore, Janeane Garofalo, and Dan Rather are his guests. Should be an intelligent open minded discussion.”
“Count me in.”

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