Reading The Happiness Meter

Posted: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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I’m not big on making resolutions.  
The times I have vowed to start doing something or stop doing something at the beginning of the New Year usually lead to self loathing by the first of February.
So I simply choose not to set myself up for failure and disappointment.
Instead of New Year’s resolutions, I spend a few moments analyzing and reflecting on the year just passed; was it good riddance or not so bad?
It might sound selfish, but I make a judgment based on the reading of my personal happiness meter; have I been generally happy over the last 12 months? 
The answer is yes.
Oh, there are things that have really burned my toast in 2008; the economic collapse and how it has cracked the nest egg of not just Linda and me but most everyone who has dreamed of a worry-free retirement.
There’s the war in Iraq and Afghanistan that keeps draining our country of resources..especially human life.  
Some old friends have died and I keep having January birthdays which means I’m another year closer to joining them. Uffda.
But on the positive side, Linda and I became members of a little country church that’s filled with good people and provides much needed spiritual refreshment.
We continue to have abundant laughs and travel adventures with our good friends, Denny and Joan.
It was a great summer and I managed to improve my golf game playing with my pals two or three times a week at Brandon.
Keloland has also generously allowed me to keep writing this blog which, I have to tell you, brings me joy to no end.
I can’t thank you enough for regularly reading my ramblings here on
My very best wishes to all of you for a HAPPY 2009!  

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