Dream Season

Posted: Monday, December 29, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, “Well, there you go again.”
After an 0-2 start to the season, I had no illusions that the Minnesota Vikings would have the power to suck me back into the fold, especially with that Jackson guy as quarterback. But little rays of hope did return when he was pulled and replaced by an unlikely hero named Gus who managed to get the talented team back on track with 6 wins in 7 games. Then the excitement disappeared when  he got stomped on the back and Tarvaris was recalled to duty.  But to everyone’s surprise, Jackson started displaying some of the talent that had caught the coach’s eye early on and here the Vikings were on Sunday playing for the NFC North Championship.  Ryan Longwell has time to ponder the kick of a lifetime. Star Tribune photoThey had a chance to clinch it the week before at home against Atlanta and lost so I wasn’t expecting much other than the usual disappointment when they took on the Super Bowl champion New York Giants. The Vikings did jump out to an early lead, but it wasn’t long before they fell behind. Their only chance at victory rested on the toe of Ryan Longwell who needed to make a last second 50 yard field goal.  This is the point where all Vikings fans head for the exits because we know what’s about to happen; the kick will be blocked or hit the goal post or veer way off never having a chance. But wait..no! It sailed right through..Vikings win, Vikings win!   Now, here we are, daring to dream about the possibility of beating Philadelphia next week..then on to the NFC championship and the Super Bowl and VICTORY!!!
“Doug, honey, wake up and come to bed. You were shouting in your sleep. Did you have a bad dream?” Linda asked.   “Yeah,” I said. “It’s the same one I’ve been having since 1961.
Hope you all had a nice Christmas. Aside from the fact that a couple of our kids couldn’t make it home, our grandchildren were all here which helped to make our season bright. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Feel free to send me some of yours. Granddaughters bring the joy of Christmas.(l-r)Tara, Ella, Zoey and AllisonGrandson, Taylor, home on leave from the Marine Corps with fiance Melissa.Grandsons, Tucker (l) and Michael. Good boys and great High School jocks.Our "guitar heroes" Ella and ZoeyHappy New Year from the Lunds.

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