An Evening In The Captain’s Quarters

Posted: Friday, December 12, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Whenever I’m out and about (which isn’t that often these days) invariably, someone will ask if I ever see Captain 11 (A.K.A., Dave Dedrick) anymore. 
Well, the answer, I’m ashamed to admit, is “no.”  
Linda and I drove by their house a few times this past summer hoping to spot Dave and Marjean sitting out on their front porch. We don’t mind just “popping in” if they’re outside but figure if it’s going to be a surprise stop with a knock on the door..we need to call first it’s been months.
Then a few weeks ago, a guy asked if I knew that Dave had been treated for bladder cancer and also had back surgery recently.
I was embarrassed to say I didn’t know a thing about it.
Some friend I turned out to be.
I got on the phone to Dave right away to find out how he was doing and to apologize for not keeping closer contact.
We finally got together on Wednesday night and even though both Dave and Marjean have each been in and out of the hospital since we’d last seen them they’re now totally on the mend and looking fantastic.
I’ve said many times what a thrill it has been in my life to have had my childhood hero, the Captain himself, not only as a colleague for 35 years but a dear friend as well.  Marjean and Dave Dedrick. 58 years together on December 2nd.
The hours just flew by the other night as the four of us sat and talked and laughed about everything from our families, and the medications were were on, to the great golden days of local television and working together at KELO.   Dave will be 81 in March and, even though he doesn’t drink anymore, he still mixes a terrific cocktail for those of us who do.
Thursday morning, I received this beautifully written e-mail from him which I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me sharing with you.
It has been so long that I had forgotten how much fun it is to spend  an evening together with dear,old friends. 
Thank you for coming.
We have shared so many years of great memories that offer us a treasure trove of subjects to mull over.  "The GOOD OLD DAYS" fill our diaries with laughter and the satisfaction that WE were there to witness the fruition of our dreams coming true.  Who said that we couldn’t do it?   How wrong could they be? 
Not a day goes by where someone on the street won’t recall their first memories of seeing us on television when they were growing up.  I take it as a great compliment that we filled in our own compartment in hundreds of thousands of memory banks that grew up in these four states we dubbed Keloland. 
I love it when they say.."Hi Captain11"
"Old wood to burn….old books to read….old friends to trust"
No one can ever take that away from us!  
LIFE is GOOD!……My cup runneth over"
Isn’t that nice? Thanks, pal!
It was such a nice morning I took a drive in the country and brought my camera along. I also had my golf clubs in the trunk..just in case..but even though the pin markers were still on the greens here at Spring Creek, nobody was playing for some reason.
I also drove by our little church in the dale..Springdale Lutheran, where this week it’s “Invite a friend to church Sunday.” So if any of you would care to drop by around 9:30 a.m. I guarantee a warm welcome. Oh, and be sure and tell Pastor Haugrud, you read it here. I need all the heavenly points I can get.Springdale Church 26946 480th av. Just a mile or so North of Spring Creek Golf Course.

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