The Marlboro Man

Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Oh no!
Barack Obama still sneaks a cigarette from time to time.
Am I one of the few people who had no idea that the President Elect has smoked cigarettes most of his adult life and that recent attempts to quit have, by his own admission, not been entirely successful?
I’ll bet if my golfing buddies, many of whom still puff away like Bogie in Casablanca, knew that, they might have gone easier on Obama and me during the campaign.
I’ve been roving around the internet today and finding no shortage of commentary on BHO’s “dirty little secret.”  Some are saying with all of what’s going on in the world today it’s silly to make a big deal out of Mr. Obama’s occasional backsliding from chewing Nicorett gum to a few drags off a Marlboro.Don’t’s not really him..but did make me laugh.
Others, though, are reading a lot more into it saying he just plain lied earlier when he told audiences that, at the insistence of his wife, he’d quit..only to reveal later that occasionally he’d  bum a smoke from somebody as a stress reliever during the campaign. Then, Sunday morning, Obama responded to a smoking question from Tom Brokaw saying he has quit but “still falls off the wagon.”  Some Obama critics suggest it’s a sign of weakness when a man needs a nicotine fix to relax or deal with pressure. Imagine, they say, all the pressures a president is under; the oval office will be blue with smoke.
When she was first lady, Hillary Clinton banned smoking in the White House and got rid of all the ash trays. (Bill still kept a few cigars around but apparently not for smoking.)So, after January 20th Mr. Obama might have to buy new ash trays or start saving empty coffee cans.  
Don’t bet on it.He promised his wife there would be no cigarettes at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and if Michelle ever catches him with a hint of smoke on his breath he knows there will be hell to pay.  
So now that the story is can bet that the President Elect will do everything he can to put the flames out too..which means giving up the smokes once and for all.  Oh, it’ll be as hard as a woodpecker’s lips but he’ll do it.I just hope he doesn’t put on as much weight as I did after quitting 8 years ago.

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