Black Hills Staycation

Posted: Monday, September 29, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Well, Linda and I have been off an another of our cost-saving “stay-cations.”  We and our traveling partners, Denny and Joanie Graves are on our annual pilgrimage to the Black Hills..allegedly to drink in the beauty of the season..and it IS beautiful..but in reality it’s to drink up the local wine and to give as much money as possible to the Deadwood Historic Foundation playing games of chance.
We’re staying at the historic (isn’t everything historic in Deadwood?) Bullock Hotel where old Seth Bullock himself is said to still haunt the place.  It seems that everybody who works here has a haunted story to tell and swear they’re being honest. I’m not a big believer in such things but we did find it strange that while watching the football game together on Sunday, we heard a knock on the door and when Denny went to answer it there wasn’t anybody there..or in the hallway either.  We all just looked at each other with eyes wide open and decided if the place is spooked, we might as well invite ol’ Seth in for a drink. We’re not sure if he actually took us up on it but I thought I heard a moan when the Vikings blew another ballgame.But then were are all known to moan and groan when the Vikings are playing.
One of the last things Linda asked before we left home is if I had made sure the power cord for my laptop was in the bag. Yes, of course I said only to find out when we unpacked that it wasn’t. It’s tough enough having to admit to her I was wrong but I don’t have much battery power to play on the computer or to blog so I’ll have to keep things short here.
Lots of stories and pictures to share when we get home Tuesday, though.
Incidentally, all of the golf course low score records out here remain intact and none of the casinos are in danger of going bankrupt due to sizable payouts to our party.

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