Not a Packer..But a Husker

Posted: Monday, September 8, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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It was not a fight, really, Linda and I don’t have many of those, thank God.  But when one of us does something wrong..okay ME..things tend to get real quiet in our house.
Such was the case Friday morning as we approached the scheduled departure time for our weekend in Lincoln.
I had promised, the night before, to lay out the clothes I wanted to take along.  Linda is really organized..especially when it comes to packing. The suitcase had been out for several days and she had me regularly checking the weather forecast for Nebraska so she could have some idea whether to bring jeans and sweatshirts or shorts and tee shirts.  Well, she went to bed and I stayed up playing on the computer until 1 a.m. then fell asleep on the couch. Next thing I know, it’s an hour before we’re supposed to leave and I had  failed my assignment. Not only that, I made the mistake of saying, geeze it’s just a weekend, all I need is two shirts two shorts two pair of socks and two underwear. It’s no big deal.   Big mistake.
“We have to wear something red at the ballgame, right?” she said.
“Well, yah, I guess.”
“Did you lay out either of your red shirts?”
“Well, no.”
“And what about church..are you planning to wear shorts to church?    (Here’s where I should have just admitted that I’m an idiot and moved on.) “I’ll bet Joe (son-in-law) does. But you can grab my black dress pants and a nice shirt if you want.”  
That’s when it got kind of cold and quiet in the house. I apologized and went to the closet to pick out the appropriate attire which, unfortunately, didn’t include long pants like she suggested.
Now, it’s ten after nine and we’re behind schedule. “Let’s see, have we got everything she said?” “ Yeah, yeah, let’s go.”
I think we were just pulling into Omaha in a steady cold rain when she noticed that the garment bag, containing our freshly pressed church clothes, wasn’t hanging in the back. “Ooops, my bad,” I said while turning up the car heater to ward off the sudden chill brought on by incredible incompetence.
That’s how we came to be clothes shopping in the Lincoln Shopko with our daughter, Suzan and granddaughter, Zoey, late Friday afternoon; looking for something more church worthy.
No long pants in my size but I did find a spiffy Nebraska Cornhuskers bright red pull-over jacket to wear at the game. God would just have to accept us dressed like heathens on Sunday.Slow to anger..quick to forgive. What a woman!
Thanks to our granddaughter, Allison, who made it into the University of Nebraska marching band, Linda and I have now become full fledged members of Husker Nation. More about that and what it’s like to be two of over 80 thousand Big Red fans at a Husker home game..tomorrow.

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