Retirement..Some Second Thoughts

Posted: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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“Good afternoon, Keloland news.”
“Uh, hi. This is Doug Lund, could I speak to the general manager please?”
“Doug who?”
“Lund..I used to work there.”
“Okay, Mr. Lind, I’ll connect you.”  
“No, it’s Lun….”
“Hello, this is Jay.”
“’s Doug.”
“Oh, yes, Doug. What’s up?”
“We’ll I’ve watching the marathon coverage on ESPN about Bret Favre’s burning desire to put on the old number 4 uniform again and return to the Green Bay Packers..even after he cried his way through a retirement announcement last March..sniffing up a river of snot.
 It’s got me to thinking that I might have been a bit hasty in my own retirement..ya know? I think I still have what it takes to get back in that old anchor chair and help lead our news team to victory in the ratings.How ‘bout it Jay?”
“Well, geeze, Doug..we’ve kind of moved on. My gosh, don’t you remember we did that half hour special on your Keloland career and threw you a great big retirement party where lots of people, including you, said tearful goodbyes? We’d all look pretty silly if you suddenly showed up again after all that..right? Besides, our ratings have never been better.”
 “Go play golf, Doug. Throw a fishing line in a lake somewhere. Visit your grandkids. Read a book. Keep on blogging.  Enjoy what time you may have lef…ooops, gotta on the other line. Nice talkin’ to ya..”   

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