Old Timers, Tiger, Ferguson & Atkins

Posted: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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When author Thomas Wolfe titled his final book, “You Can’t go Home Again,” he didn’t mean it literally, of course, because that’s just what my brother, Denny, and I did this past weekend for the annual Volga “Old Timer’s Day” celebration. 
Way back when, there must have been a younger member of the city council who dreamed up that awful name as a tribute to the geezers who first settled the community.  
But now people MY age are the Old Timers and who needs to be reminded of that?
There was no hiding, though, for my classmates who were literally paraded up Kasan Avenue on an old chopped and channeled school bus.  Three classes..1962,63 and 64 were invited on board but I had to pass because we got there late and had to leave early.
My home town has never looked better. The weather was beautiful and turnout was huge for the hour long parade. 
My brother Tom and his wife Ilene (center of photo) were home from South Carolina.Both were in the class of 1968 celebrating 40th class reunion.
I’m really lucky that Linda doesn’t mind my playing golf.  She doesn’t care to play herself, but she’ll actually go out on the course with me sometimes.. if the sun is out and if it’s not too cold..or too hot.
When it comes to watching golf on television, though, she’d rather read a book.
My friend and I had a tee time yesterday so I had to record the playoff round of the U.S. Open on my DVR. So, you can imagine my surprise when I got home and Linda was telling me all about the amazing finish between Tiger and Rocco.
“You watched?” I said. 
‘Yeah..I was really rooting for Mediate to beat Woods.” 
“I didn’t know you were all that interested.”
“I’m not usually, but this was really exciting.”
 Exciting, yes…but when Tiger is on the hunt..even an injured Tiger, the stars all seem to align and he winds up planting another big kiss on the winner’s trophy.
It doesn’t matter that after a less-than-perfect shot, Woods will curse loud enough to make the network censors wince or that he slams his driver into the ground when the ball sails into the rough or if he throws his wedge into the sand…it doesn’t matter if his opponent is a nice guy with an outgoing personality and a fan favorite, the golf gods have deemed Mr. Woods to be the greatest who ever played the game. He is Mozart..everyone else is Salieri. 
 It’s Superman over everyman at the U.S. Open
I have a new favorite television program; The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
Unless you stay up until 11:36 weeknights on CBS, you may not have seen him but a lot of folks, like me, are recording the show to watch at a saner hour. Ferguson, a native of Scotland who recently became a U.S. citizen, is an actor and comedian who played Drew’s boss on the Drew Carey show.  But his quick wit and accent make for a perfect and refreshingly different late night combination.  
He never fails to make me laugh out loud even if I’m watching all by myself.
ATKINS UPDATE:  I’ve advanced another notch on my belt…nearly two for a total of nearly three. 
That’s the good news. The bad news is that nobody but Linda (who has lost 9 pounds herself) has noticed and she may be just saying that to keep me going.
But, even though I have a very long way to go, there’s no giving up.
We may even be getting some divine assistance.
Our stove blew up yesterday.
Salad and cold cuts anyone?

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