Watertown on the Brain

Posted: Sunday, June 8, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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I can’t believe it..Summer begins in just a few days and I keep waiting for Spring to get started.
Each Sunday, Pastor Haugrud, at our little rural church called Springdale, offers up prayers that God will grant favorable weather for the farmers in our midst. It’s not very often around these parts that the Almighty is asked to lighten up on the rain already but, here we are..Spring is just about gone and many fields remain unplanted because we’ve been inundated with too much of what we’ll be beseeching the Lord for in July when it’s hot and dry.
Linda and I got together with our friends, the Graves, over the weekend to plan our annual road trip in late June to celebrate our anniversaries. We’ll only have about three days this year so we’ve been debating between the Twin Cities and seeing a Twins game or heading up to Watertown. I’m leaning towards the latter.
Linda and I have always loved Watertown and usually find a way to spend a three day weekend there at least once each summer. Terrific golf courses, the Bramble Park Zoo, touring the governor Mellette House, bloody mary’s at the Zoom Zoom room and.. the incredible Redlin Art Center.As Steve wrote about in his blog recently, there are some new things to see if you haven’t been there in a while. I’m still amazed every time that big federal style building with its huge columns comes into view off Interstate 29. It looks as though a majestic structure in Washington D.C. has been transplanted on the prairie.
Our favorite Watertown memories, though, are the many leisurely drives we’ve taken around Lake Kampeska looking at all the beautiful homes and dreaming it was us living there. The paved road circles the entire lake.Then, a late dinner at the Lakeshore restaurant with a table by the window..a  pianist playing our favorite songs in the background and us toasting the sunset over the lake with a nice Bordeaux.  
I wonder if the pastor would offer up a little prayer for nice weather and low golf scores when we go in a couple weeks. Nah, I probably won’t bother him about it.
We’re not the only part of the country that’s had weird weather this Spring. Check out this picture our son, James, took of his car in the parking lot of Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park June 6th.  He got out of there just before they closed the roads. Global Warming indeed!

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