Atkins Diet Update

Posted: Monday, May 26, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Well, it’s been a month on the Atkins low carb diet for me now and I haven’t thrown myself in front of a moving pickup truck yet or snuck off to the B&G Milky Way for a large blackraspberry malt. I’m getting used to apologizing in public for my stomach which is constantly growling like a lion in heat.
Four weeks without bread, pasta, sugar, potatoes, corn, beer and ice cream and what do I have to show for it?
One notch on my belt.
If you recall, I prefer the fit of my clothing as a measure of weight loss over scales which can be too depressing if the numbers aren’t to your liking.
Anyway, I figured a guy my size would have lost a lot more by now especially when Linda..who wants to shed a few pounds too,  is on the same diet and is now getting into clothes that were too tight four weeks ago.
Oh well, I’m not too discouraged but the thought of bacon and eggs again this morning was so unappealing that I passed on breakfast and will wait until we have burgers on the grill…without the bun of course, later this afternoon.
I am getting some encouragement from friends. On Wednesday, a few of my golfing pals said they could tell I looked slimmer. Then, realizing I wasn’t buying into their patronizing, they broke into laughter.
On Friday, a friend said she could see a difference in my face. You mean I’m more handsome? I asked. No, it’s just that your cheeks seem to be more sunken in.
Great, I’m losing weight in my cheeks.
In order to break out of the monotony of meat, eggs and cheese, I’ve been scanning the web for recipes and places where I might be able to buy this low carb flour I’ve heard about. It’s probably made out of sawdust but at this point I’d be willing to eat pulverized mesquite bark if it could be turned into buttered toast or something I could make a sandwich out of.
I keep going, though..motivated by thoughts of what life will be like someday when I no longer have to insist we sit at a “table” in the restaurant because a booth might be too tight; being able to walk across the street without my knees aching; going to the closet and picking out something to wear that isn’t 3X and black; flying without having to request an extender to get the seat belt fastened; having a dance with Linda and being able to see my private parts without having to look in the mirror.
I hate to leave you with that last mental image but Linda says dinner is ready.
“Honey, do you want green beans or cauliflower with your left over ham?”

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