WARNING: Proud Grandpa Alert

Posted: Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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We had just seen our granddaughter, Allison, at her graduation open house a few hours earlier but as all 529 Washingon High School seniors slowly marched onto the Arena floor to the familiar melody of Pomp and Circumstance, a whole row of proud family members, including Linda and me, were on our feet straining to get a glimpse of her amid a sea of Orange and Black.
Argus Leader photo“Is that her?” someone said.
“No, she’s wearing her mortar board hat farther back on her head,” said mom, Patty, standing on her tiptoes with camera at the ready not wanting to miss a moment of this momentous occasion.
“There she is!” Allison’s proud daddy, Allen, said. And, sure enough that cute little gap-toothed girl, who stole grandpa’s heart 18 years ago, appeared.
Only she had suddenly been transformed into a beautiful young woman with a perfect smile walking gracefully and confidently from kid-dom to adulthood before our very eyes.
Allison Hout surrounded by her awards and memoriesIn her four years at WHS, Allison has accumulated a room full of awards for her involvement in debate, academics, concert band and marching band but they don’t pass out trophies for the thing about her that makes me most proud; her tender heart and concern for others.
When Allison blew out her knee during a marching band competition in 2006, she literally crawled off the field so as to not mess up her bandmates. After a doctor re-set her kneecap, she insisted on returning for the band’s evening performance..playing her clarinet from the sidelines.
When a friend from debate was having some trouble at home, Allison, with the okay from mom and dad, took her in.Mom Patty, Allison, Dad Allen and kid brother, Michael who is saving his smile for the class of 2011.
When that same friend wasn’t going to have an open house for graduation, Allison suggested that she share hers..which she did.  Unselfish gestures like that aren’t taught in school, they’re a gift from God.
Is it any wonder why we’re so proud and love her so? Congratulations honey!

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