Miles and Miles of Texas

Posted: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Howdy folks..
Ah bet y’all were fixin’ to call out the police figerin’ that yer trusty ol’ blogger had been abducted  by aliens around Roswell,  New Mexico or had ventured a mite too close to the Mexican border at Juarez  and wound up in the back of a truck headed off to an avocado field or an orange grove to pick fruit.
Truth computer picked up one of them dang viruses and I’ve been sort of lost without it for the past week.
The missus and I have had a fine time mooching off relatives from Nebraska to Arizona to Texas and have oodles of experiences I’m ah  hankerin’ to share with y’all as soon as we make it back home later in the week and we have a little time to shake off this southern drawl that descended on us from over exposure in Texas. 
Say what you want about the Lone Star state but they don’t seem to fret too much about sendin’ convicted killers to their just reward. No crowds of anti death penalty protestors waving signs outside the prison walls and no debates over the number of lethal doses used in the inmate’s final “cocktail.” “Any last words?” “Next!.”
Texans also don’t have a real problem with getting from point “A” to point “B” in a hurry. The maximum speed limit on the most boring interstates is 80 miles an hour. 
If you figger in the 6 to 8 MPH fudge factor, a feller can clip along at dern near 90 without fear of bein’ pulled over by the fuzz. 
It’s been so much fun that I’ve almost forgot about the stock market and Hillary both stumblin’ while McCain and Obama are startin’ to sniff the sweet smell of victory for their respective teams.
It’s almost as excitin’ as catchin’ a Texas large mouth bass on a sunny 74 degree day along LBJ lake while a friend is back at the home place blowin’ 3 more inches of snow from our drive-way.

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