Flat Rock Rain

Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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When he was the popular Keloland weatherman,  Dave Dedrick could get by with saying a lot of things on the air that no one else could… then or now.
I loved it when he would say stuff like, “It’s going to get cold tonight.”  Then Hemmingsen, Burt and me would all respond off camera in unison, “how cold is it?”
Dave would come up with something like, “It’s so cold that all the witches are wearing insulated brassieres.”
Dave Dedrick..forecasts with flareOr my personal favorite is when it was so cold he’d issue a brass monkey alert.
Don’t get me wrong, Dave was serious about reporting the weather accurately but was never above having a little fun at the same time and I think the viewers always appreciated it.
I got to thinking about Dave’s forecasts while sitting out on Christy’s patio here in Fountain Hills, Arizona this morning as the rain poured down and noisily splashed to the cement a few inches beyond the protection of her overhanging tile roof.
I started to laugh out loud when I heard that sound and remembered that Dave would sometimes describe a similar downpour on TV as a “flat rock” rain.  (picture a cow relieving itself on a horizontal stone)
Most of time, TV meteorologists here in Arizona are bored out of their shoes. (Winter) “Sunny with highs in the mid to upper sixties.” (Summer)  Sunny with highs in the low 100’s.”
But this week…they’re as excited as a Captain 11 crew member winning the toy chest.
There’s clouds and rain and floods..oh, my.
It’s pretty much on the same level as how our weather guys get on a stormy night in June.
I suppose I should be mad since we’re unable to golf or sight-see or other warm-weather stuff we came out to Arizona to enjoy, but just like at home, I find there’s something relaxing about simply sitting and watching and listening to the rain..especially the flat rock variety so rare here in the desert.
And there’s not a cow in site.

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