Strange Desert Sightings

Posted: Friday, January 25, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Hillary stopped by the other day.
She showed up fashionably late for a rally at a Phoenix high school talking about health care and the need for America to start setting goals again.
That disappointed many in the crowd of 10 thousand who wanted some answers on the mortgage crisis which is blamed for about 10 thousand home foreclosures in the Phoenix area last year. 
It didn’t matter, though, democrats here love Hillary.
In fact, the local newscasters refer to her as “Hillary.”
Maybe I’m old fashioned but I always cringe when I hear an anchor or reporter get on a first-name basis with the subject of a story..whether it’s a politician or a sounds too chummy and it’s wrong.
I did notice that in her TV ads, Hillary, herself, has dropped the “Rodham” from her name.
I wonder whose idea that was.
Anyway, I’m starting to believe that Mrs. Clinton just might be heading back to the White House with Mr. Clinton in tow.
I just have a feeling that the country has had its fill of a Republican in the Oval office and will elect the Democratic nominee no matter who it is and it’s sure looking like Hillary.
Isn’t it amazing that in a country of 250 million or so people, we keep going back to the same two families for our presidents?
Hang in there Jeb, you’re next.
I’m a little out of sorts today. Our daughter took us to the Legion club last evening for the weekly trivia contest. (we tied for first)
“So you’re Christy’s step-dad eh, ..lemme buy you a drink.”
I am now suffering from what they jokingly refer to as Legionnaires disease.
One of those Legionnaires had a couple of stray cats show up on his back patio the other day.
Rather than calling animal control or opening fire on them with a rifle, he just watched the two wild bobcats relaxing in the sun grooming each other before moving on.
No harm done….a great story to tell and pictures to prove it.

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