Arizona, A Cure for the Common Cold

Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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CAN’T WAIT TO TRY OUT MY NEW "TREE" WOOD ON VACATION.  YEAH, THAT’S ME WITH A BUTT FULL OF PINE NEEDLES.Just in the nick of time, the Lund’s (without a new dog) are scootin’ Southwest for our own little exodus to the Arizona desert.
Linda has been packing and repacking for several days now and it will be a relief to finally get on the road so she can relax.
I’ve been doing all the “manly” things like getting the car ready.
It turned over 100 thousand miles last summer which makes me a little nervous but I’ve been reassured by the guy at the quick lube place, who gets a ride to work with his parole officer, that I should be just fine..provided I put in this special synthetic oil for high mileage cars,  change the transmission fluid, replace the serpentine belt which shows signs of cracking and also replace the battery, which registers low on their battery meter.
I decided to live life dangerously and skip all that and just go with an oil change and filter. Now I worry that because I didn’t agree to all the extras, the quick lube guy was ticked-off and intentionally left the nut loose on the oil pan.
Earlier, I went to one of the 78 or more different auto parts stores in Sioux Falls to replace my wiper blades. I decided to go all out this time and buy a really good pair.
“$23.95,”the guy said.  
“Well, that’s a little steep, I said, but Okay.”
“That’s $23.95 APIECE,” he said.
“Ugh….will you install them?”
“You bet, Doug..can do!”
That’s when I noticed a crack in the bottom of my acre-and-a-half size windshield.
It’s already snaked up the glass and hung a left into what I hope will be a half-moon shape ending back at the bottom..but who knows what direction it will take? All I know is that I don’t have time to replace it now..I don’t have glass coverage on my insurance and face a big bill when we get home.
We’re both hoping that this escape to Arizona will help ease the pain of each of us turning another year older this month. A nice win for her at one of the casinos..and a bunch of low scores for me on the  golf courses would certainly help do the trick.
Anyway, I’m taking my laptop along as well as a newly-acquired digital camera so I’ll try to keep the old Lund at Large blog going from the shadow of Camelback Mountain and the mist of the great fountain in Fountain Hills.
Wait..did they check the air conditioner? We’ll need it when we get to the desert where it can really get warm this time of year….heh, heh, heh.

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