Hooray for Harriet

Posted: Wednesday, January 2, 2008 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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I was always amazed at which stories would get the greatest response from Keloland viewers.
I once did a Lund at Large about the little things in life that drive me crazy.
One of those frustrations was trying to separate a single filter from the stack of filters so I could brew up my  morning pot of coffee.
Well, as soon as the story aired, e-mails started coming in and the phones began to ring..all from people who had the answer to my coffee filter dilemma.
You’d be surprised at how many different solutions there are:
1)      Blow on the stack of filters, they’ll separate.
2)      Get those soft rubber finger tips that bank tellers use for counting stacks of money.
3)      Wrap a piece of duct tape (sticky side out) around a popsicle stick
Then people started showing up at the TV station to bring me their Harriet Carter catalogues in which I could find my choice of several coffee filter separators. Most popular is the plastic foam tip tweezers.
Until then, I hadn’t heard of Harriet Carter but soon came to realize that she is without a doubt the world’s greatest purveyor of cheap crap that is so clever and inventive you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.This is supposed to be a picture of Harriet Carter. Looks pretty good for a woman who began her catalog in 1958, huh?
Linda started ordering stuff right away, cordless lights, a mini blind brush, miracle wall hooks, plastic patio table covers..and on and on.
We both can’t wait for the next issue to arrive in the mail.
"Oh, come on, I can hear you saying, what’s so unique about Harriet Carter?"
Well, look and learn, my friends, look and learn.
 Where else ya gonna find toe flexers to exercise all your little piggies? Or get one of these dispensers and never again have to sit there and yell, "Honey, are we outta toilet paper?"
A cap light for zeroing in on those twilight putts.  A book shade. Why squint reading in the sun?I am definately going to order both the tater mitts and the remote light switch. They’ve been shown on TV so they have to work just as promised in real life, right? There’s something about the rough side of the tater mitts, though, that kind of creeps me out.Hurry..supplies are running low on the lawn aerator sandals. Just strap ‘em on and walk your way to a healthier yard this spring. The head rest that looks like a huge spider is about to devour you is just 18 bucks.Stupid ties for dogs I don’t need. A hot dog toaster..now that’s something I do..and it’s just 20 dollars!Imagine the laughs you’ll get when you demonstrate your finger shaped power nose hair trimmer to the gang. Or how you’ll wow the neighbors when you’re the first on your block to have a real tree frog. And, finally, a way to wash your D cups and keep them in A-1 shape. By the way, the coffee filter separator I’ve settled on looks like a pen only instead of a ball point it has a sharp point on the end. Just give it a little stick on the filter stack and lift up.
It works great..most of the time..helping me get off to a stress-free morning..most of the time.Thanks Harriet!

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