The News Blues

Posted: Sunday, December 2, 2007 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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I feel like an ostrich lately: burying my head in the sand to shut out the world.
I know, I know, ostriches really don’t stick their head in the ground to escape things but..they do sometimes duck into the bushes to hide or just lie down and wrap their useless wings around their body..apparently trying to fool any hungry dingoes in the area into believing they are no longer lunch but a big rock or clump of dirt.
That’s more like what I’ve been doing these days..laying around like a lump totally disinterested in most of what goes on outside the confines of my little computer room with a lovely window.
That may sound strange coming from someone whose career involved reporting and reading the news.
But unlike my longtime colleague and fellow Keloland blogger, Steve Hemmingsen, I do “not” get up each morning to check out various news sites on the computer.
He digests it all, forms an opinion and within a few minutes can and often does have a compelling observation posted on the web site stirring up reader’s emotions.
I’ll glance at the headlines in the paper, on TV or the web…but usually get depressed or disgusted and move on to something else.
What has happened to bring about this ambivalence?
Well, I’m troubled when I hear stories about how  the South Dakota legislature needs a “code of ethics” posted around the capitol pointing out to lawmakers that they should know better than to sleep in the same bed as a legislative page and not expect repercussions.
Or worse..betray a trust..not only as an elected policy maker..but as a foster parent, for God’s sake,  by exploting and abusing young girls in your care.
I don’t understand how mothers, fathers, babysitters or boyfriends can get so angry that they kill or severely injure an infant.
I don’t understand how a four inch snowfall is considered a winter storm.
I don’t understand how the list of candidates for president of the United States has come down to the current bunch that’s out there.
Are they really the best this country can come up with?
Hillary Clinton?
Do we really, really want  Bill and Hillary back in the White House?
I kind of like Barack Obama..but don’t know much about him other than his name sounds way too much like Osama.
John Edwards seems sincere but how can he concentrate on much of anything while his wife is courageously fighting what appears to be a losing battle with cancer? I sure couldn’t.
I used to like listening to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson when he appeared on the Imus in the Morning radio show..but he doesn’t have a chance.
Nor, in my opinion, does Hollywood actor, Fred Thompson on the Republican side..or Mitt Romney..the slick Mormon from Massachusetts..or Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee.
Rudy Giuliani is okay, I guess, and so is John McCain but I just don’t think after 8 years of the current occupant, this country is going to elect another Republican to the White House no matter who it is.
Alright, Lund, who do you think would make a good president?
Well, I just haven’t really thought much about it..and it’s probably a good thing because a few weeks ago I was watching an interview with a guy named Gavin Newsom. He’s the young mayor of San Francisco.
As I listened I was amazed at his innovative ideas on issues ranging from cutting wasteful spending to homelessness, the environment, healthcare and education.
Now there, I said to myself, is a guy that should run for president.
But then, after googling his name to find out more I learned that Newsom had an affair with the wife of his top he raised more than a few eyebrows when he ordered that marriage licenses be issued to same sex couples. He was still reelected to another four year term in San Francisco, but, I doubt that American voters have reached that point of tolerance yet.
So, I continue to glaze over the news..not paying as much attention as I probably should. But I really have to wonder when I see stuff like South Dakotans, according to some scientific survey,  are the least depressed people in the country.
I’m a pretty happy guy but those poll-takers sure never came anywhere near my house on a Monday morning.

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