Curing Cancer & Burning Water

Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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I’ve had a couple of seemingly sure-bet investment opportunities in my lifetime..opportunities that could have taken a lot of the financial stress out of early retirement had I found the money to follow through on them.
The first was about 11 years ago when our daughter Christy first moved to Phoenix. She along with lots of snowbirds we know from Keloland, who have places there, strongly advised us to put every dime we could into Phoenix-area real estate.
At the time, we could have bought a spiffy two bedroom condo in Scottsdale for less than 150 thousand dollars. The same places are bringing 300 thousand or more today.
The other was when my brother-in-law suggested I join him and get rich by putting cash into the fast growing ethanol industry. (which I read is now facing closer profit margins with higher corn prices)
In both cases, we would have had to borrow money to do it….so we passed and settled for the security of the stock market which at the time was bringing an average return on investments of over 20 percent. Then in 2000, the market pretty much tanked and we’ve been lucky to get an 8% return ever since.
Now, it seems that opportunity is knocking one more time and I’m going to let you in on it.
Remember in “The Graduate” when Benjamin got one word of advice for his future?
Well, I have two words for you; “John Kanzius.”
In case you haven’t heard, this former television executive, TV and radio engineer and inventor from Ohio,  has been doing some experimenting with radio waves and come up with some startling discoveries.
A cancer survivor himself, Kanzius (sounds like Kansas) has been looking at new ways to treat the disease and came up with a process by which cancer cells are tagged with microscopic pieces of metal. (nanoparticles)
When the cells are exposed to a certain radio frequency, they heat up and are destroyed without any damage to nearby healthy cells. Some scientists are actually saying it shows promise and are looking into it. Others say it’s a bunch of balony.
 John Kanzius..genius or crackpot?
But wait..there’s more. A LOT more!
In another experiment aimed at removing salt from sea water, Kanzius was surprised to discover that exposing salt water to those same radio frequencies caused it to ignite in a test tube and burn with a very hot flame.
Can you imagine the energy possibilities if we could use the world’s oceans for fuel and tell OPEC to go spin?
A couple of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania are calling it the most important water discovery in a hundred years.
But (and you knew there had to be a “but”) other experts are saying’s all a whole lot of hooey. Water is NOT a fuel and does not burn..period! Then they go on to scientifically explain that what clearly appears to be happening in Kanzius’ test tube is impossible.
Dang.. I was set this time to invest a few bucks in a tank for water, a few pounds of Morton salt and a radio transmitter….light ‘er up and leave the furnace shut off this winter.
If you’d like to know a bit more about Kanzius and his inventions click here.

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