O.G. O.J.

Posted: Monday, September 17, 2007 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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                         Does the long arm of the law finally have a head lock on O.J. Simpson?
It would appear so after the former football star’s latest demonstration of his belief that the law doesn’t apply to him.
This time, O.J. got caught on audio tape as he and a couple of other thugs went to retrieve some O.J. sports memorabilia..apparently at gun point…in a Las Vegas hotel room.
He’s now facing six felony counts..including armed robbery..that could put him away for a very long time.  (Emphasis on the world “could.”)
It’s been 13 years since Simpson’s wife, Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were found in pools of blood at Simpson’s home. They’d been viciously stabbed to death.
O.J. was arrested after the infamous slow chase from police in his Ford Bronco. We watched it all on live television as O.J. threatened to kill himself in the backseat.
A year later in the so-called trial of the century, a team of crafty defense lawyers got him off..despite all kinds of evidence both physical and circumstantial, that pointed to him as the killer.
In 1997, O.J. was found liable for their deaths in civil court and ordered to pay over 33 million dollars to the victim’s families but hasn’t.
Last year he actually wrote a book entitled “If I Did It” which is his first person fictional account of the murders.
But, under public pressure,  the publisher decided to back-out the deal before its release.
So now, O.J. is back in jail and once again facing a seemingly air-tight case against him.
Geraldo, on his Fox News program last night, was already so excited that I thought he was going to explode.
He had had an exclusive interview with the guy who taped O.J. yelling and swearing in the Vegas hotel room.
He had Mark Fuhrman, the former L.A. detective whose testimony in the O.J. murder trial was later tainted when the defense played an audio tape showing Fuhrman to be a racist.
Plus he interviewed a judge who said there’s no way Simpson can wiggle out of this one.
We’ll see.
This is what you’re going to be seeing and hearing in the news for a long..long time. It will likely put the war in Iraq, the political campaigns and other national issues on the back burner because we just can’t seem to get enough of this 60 year old former jock  who doesn’t have the brains God gave geese.
I can already see the headlines: Who will O.J. get for lawyers this time? Who can he afford to hire?  Who will prosecute the O.J. case? Jury selection drags on in O.J. trial.
I wonder which legal analysts for TV will become celebrities like Greta Van Susteren and Roger Cossack did..or will they be back for O.J. part deux?
There’s a reason O.J. Simpson is smiling on his latest mug shot.
He’s back in the spotlight and has the attention he apparently craves.
Plus, based on past experience, his slick attorneys will somehow convince the jurors that the voice on the tape was an O.J. impersonator, the witnesses are liars or suffered from temporary hysterical blindness and… the clincher…they’ll play the race card. They might even have O.J. slip on a tight glove for old time’s sake.


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