Big News Team on Radio

Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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Look out world, the Big News Team is on the loose and on the more time!
Ever since I retired..gosh, nearly a year ago already, Grant Peterson, a longtime broadcaster himself, has been after Steve Hemmingsen, Dave Dedrick and me to come on his radio program and reminisce about our years together at Keloland Television..sharing stories about the business and each other.
Well, we’re going to do just that on Friday from 3 to 5 PM on Brookings Radio A.M.910, Grant’s Great Afternoon Smorgasbord show.
Unless it’s raining or snowing, we’ll be broadcasting live from the little park right next to Nick’s Hamburger Shop on Brookings Main Street. 
We’re not getting paid but will be treated to all the Nick’s Hamburgers we can eat.
That’s a big mistake on Grant’s part.
I grew up on Nick Burgers. Steve drives over from Hendricks a couple times a week and buys enough to make Nick’s owner, Dick Fergen rub his hands together and smile. And Dave is known throughout Sioux Falls eateries as “Mr. Tuesday Night” always showing up for two for the price of one burger specials.
Nick Burgers are like potato chips to us and to get them free?
Well, Grant will be wishing he’d given us cash when the burger bill comes.
If you like, you can catch us between bites either in person or on the radio.
You can also hear it on your computer at 3pm Friday.
Now, let’s see. I gotta start writing down some funny stories about those guys.
Oh, yeah, there was the time Dave started coughing during his weather show but couldn’t find the microphone kill button because his pack of cigarettes was sitting on top of it. (I used that as an example whenever Jaine Andrews asked me to define “irony.”)
Oh, and when normally steady Steve turned red as a radish while trying to read a story on the air about the David Frost interviews with former president Nixon.
This is going to be easy.
Thank goodness I never did anything embarrassing or particularly memorable.

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