Mother Mary (update in comments)

Posted: Sunday, July 15, 2007 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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As most of you probably know, I’ve been married before. Well, okay, twice before. Lucky for me, Linda has stuck with me for 23 years now..and we both figure it will probably work out.I only bring  this up  because, contrary to what comedians like to joke about, I have gotten along great with all my mothers-in-law…espcially Linda’s mom, Mary Trudeau. She is devoutly Cathloic but has accepted this Lutheran into the family with open arms and I’ve adjusted to everybody else crossing themselves after church or at the table. Mary and Linda’s Dad, Len, had eight children. The youngest just turned forty.  Len died seven years ago and now, as I write this from the Intensive Care waiting room at Avera hospital, I’m really worried she might be anxious to join him.She hasn’t been feeling well all week and Saturday morning went to the doctor and was diagnosed with shingles. Linda and I spent the day with her in Alcester so she wasn’t alone and to make sure she took the medicine that was prescribed. Even though she was clearly sick to her stomach, she insisted on sitting with us at the table like always and offering to make coffee.That’s Mother Mary..never failing to put others first.Then, this morning when her daughter Maria was there, Mary had a siezure and now we wait for word on the damage and prognosis as she lays unconscious in the ICU.I write this short entry in hopes that those of you who believe that a little prayer can do some big things, will go ahead and offer a few up on her behalf.I know she’d do it for you.

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