The retirement party is over.

Posted: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 12:00 am
By: Doug Lund
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“So, how’s retirement going there then?”  Are you “enjoyin’ all that free time you have now-ah days?”
“Do you wish you were still on the TV? Bet you’re glad to be done with those crazy hours, huh?”
“Retirement must be treatin’ you right..looks like you haven’t been missing any meals..ha, ha, ha.”
It’s nice to know that after nearly six months out of the public eye, people still recognize yours truly when I’m out and about and are curious to know how things are going.
I always answer “yes” to the question about enjoying retirement and “yes” to sometimes missing the job and quick to point out that I really never had a problem with the hours required to do it.
What I don’t tell people, though, is that after nearly 23 years of marriage, Linda is on the verge of kicking me out of the house.
Don’t worry. It’s not a divorce or anything like that. (trust me I know the warning signs)
But she “is” ready to get me out of her hair and doing something besides watching television and playing on the computer.
She’s so nice she’d probably say’s not true. But it is and she’s right.
You see, Linda had a year head start on me in this retirement thing and I was sort of jealous when she talked about how much she loved it and how much fun it was to have every day be like Saturday.
So, I’ve been stacking up the Saturdays too and, with the exception of golf two days a week, staying pretty close to home.
But the house party is about over and it’s time to get busy finding better uses for my abundance of free time.
I always loved finding and reporting on interesting people and places in this in the days and weeks ahead, I intend to do a little traveling…no place special just out  looking for some stories I can share with you here on
If you have any suggestions, click on the comments.
I wonder if Linda will want to ride along?

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