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Posted: Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 10:38 am
By: Joel Rosenthal
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How sad – Francis Asbury Tarkenton or as Howard cosell used to call him, “Sir Francis” Tarkenton cannot accept the fact that Bret Favre’s is more talented and just might become more loved by Minnesota Vikings fans than Tarkenton.

Sidebar - Tarkenton was a talented QB and was well known for being perhaps the best out of pocket scrambler of all times. In the ‘60s and ‘70s I was interested in Pro Football. I am (as I like to call them) an “Old” Dallas cowboys fan. That would be Tom Landry’s cowboys – Dandy Don Meredith, Roger the Dodger Staubach, Bullet Bob Hayes, and Bob Lilly. My interest in Pro Sports disappeared after JJ bought the Boys. About 4 years ago I peripherally started paying attention again, because I was reading Big Mike Knudson’s Blog – Skol Vikes. When Brett Favre’s joined the Vikes I began watching NFL again, at least the Vikings.

Sour Grapes Tarkenton reiterated last week that even though he thought Favre was having a good year (You Think?) he was still angry that Favre returned and one can assume were successful and might return to the Super Bowl. Referring back to Tarkenton’s remarks last May when he first popped off – “I kind of hope it happens (referring to the possibility Favre would join the Vikes), so he can fail.”

Tarkenton’s and the Vikings took 3 trips to the Super Bowl, lost all 3 and proved they were perennially “Next Year’s champions.” Favre’s outcome may be different and this is what is bugging Franny. If you watched and listened at all to Brett this season, besides watching grand performances and seeing him throw the ball like someone half his age is a LEADER. He shares the credit. He is enthusiastic, shows affection for the entire team especially his receivers, and both his offensive and defensive lines.

This maybe the Vike’s year.  

Skol Vikes!

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