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Morning Meeting: Sioux Falls Traffic

Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 9:09 am
By: Karen Sherman
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Vehicles on the road through the central business district in Beijing on August 4.

Vehicles on the road through the central business district in Beijing on August 4.

It may not be as bad as being stuck in a 60-mile long traffic jam in China, but we’re noticing more congestion on the roadways in Sioux Falls lately.

With school now in session and road construction scattered throughout the city, drivers are spending more time in the car for their morning and evening commutes.

Where do you see the most traffic and when?

Morning Meeting: Record Hail

Posted: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 9:10 am
By: Karen Sherman
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A hailstone that fell Friday night near Vivian could be

a world record. Today, we’re waiting for the official measurement from the National Weather Service. Record or not, the hail that fell left plenty of damage to cars and and trucks.


We’re at a news conference where Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether will announce some changes in city government. Erica Beck and Brent O’Neil will be transferred from Planning and Building Services to Community Development/Public Parking.

Today’s supposed to go down as one of the hottest this summer. With a heat index reaching into the triple-digits, we’re going to find out how hot playground equipment gets (and how dangerous it can be) in this weather.

Morning Meeting: Can You Hear Me Now?

Posted: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 10:05 am
By: Karen Sherman
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People across KELOLAND are still feeling the effects of recent flooding, so expect this to be a big story for awhile. We looked at the issues facing residents in Ravinia and Hitchcok yesterday. Mitchell is a community that has been hit hard by the flooding. One of our news interns, Kolbe Nelson, stopped by a golf course in town to see how flooding has affected business. Today, our coverage will extend from Waubay to Milltown to the James River. Shawn Neisteadt left a bit ago and is already sending back photos from his cell phone. [Follow him on Twitter]

Highway 44 under the James River

Highway 44 under the James River

Another hot topic in the morning meeting was city cell phones. At a news conference to announce department head appointees Monday, Mayor Mike Huether briefly touched on city cell phones.
Mayor Mike Huether discusses changes at City Hall

Mayor Mike Huether discusses changes at City Hall

One of every two city employees has a cell phone, according to Huether. This morning, the newsroom discussed everything from data plans to contracts, and whether these 500+ cell phones are necessary. We’re making calls to other cities of comparable size to find out where we rank. What do you think about the cell phones? The oil spill continues to come up in our meetings. Ahead of the president’s address from the Oval Office tonight, we’re out getting reaction to the leak. We’ve also posted a question on our Facebook page where you can discuss your feelings on the situation and the federal government’s response to the disaster. Or you can let us know what you
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