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Morning Meeting: Flooding Angles

Posted: Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 9:57 am
By: Karen Sherman
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Recent rains best payday loans have helped make flooding quite the story lately. With more water flowing through, Sioux Falls city officials issued an online payday loan advisory Thursday morning apply now paydayadvanceusca recommending people stay away from and out of the flood waters. The city specifically names ez internet payday system login the Big Sioux River and Skunk Creek. Just today, a mom and her son were rescued from the Big Sioux payday the heist

after their canoe tipped. We’re talking to two canoeists who saw it all happen. Where are you payday seeing increased water levels? Has the flooding affected any of your summer plans? While it’s payday 2 wiki causing problems for most, more water means quite direct payday loan lenders the show at Falls Park. One of our photographers says it’s the fullest he’s ever seen. Also, Salute to the Troops is going on this week to honor past and present military. We’ll have details on payday loans near me the event for you later today. The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced another crib recall. This time, two million drop-side cribs. We’re looking into this recent recall and what it means for mandatory standards for crib-makers. We have links to the CPSC and more details on this story.

Morning Meeting: Potpourri

Posted: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 10:20 am
By: Karen Sherman
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We had a wide variety of ideas come up this morning, and it didn’t seem like one topic took over the discussion this morning.

Here are a couple tid-bits that will take us outside on this gorgeous day:

  • > We’re at the zoo where two rhinos were moved to a new exhibit.  Since the old and new exhibits are on opposite ends of the zoo, they crated up the rhinos, loaded them onto a flatbed and drove them to the other side.  It’s quite the process.  You can watch that in the video below:
  • > Yesterday afternoon turned out nicely, and many people spent the afternoon/evening at Falls Park.  With the nice weather again today, we’re taking a look at the rushing water from recent rains and safety when visiting the park.
  • > While it may be nice out for some of you, severe weather could be an issue out west.  As those storms move east into night, it’s important to have (and know how to program) a weather radio.  We’ll take a look at that tonight, but in the meantime you can learn more on our weather radio page here on