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Morning Meeting: It’s That Time Of Year…

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2011 at 10:55 am
By: Karen Sherman
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Whether its for kids or an adult league, it’s baseball season. That means more people are out swinging the bat. But what kind of bat is it? Ben Dunsmoor took a closer look at the differences on the Nightbeat last night. That’s after a Minnesota boy was hit in the head with a ball that came off an aluminum bat and had to be put into a medically-induced coma with head injuries. But you don’t have to be a child to be seriously injured. Today, Perry Groten is talking with a former amature baseball player who was hit in the head with a ball during a game 20 years ago this month.

Whether it’s college or high school, it’s also graduation time. Along with prom season, it’s a time notorious for drinking and driving-related arrests, crashes and deaths. It’s now been five years since South Dakota saw a rash of teenage drunk driving deaths that brought about a massive state-wide campaign and increased awareness about the problem. Today, Ben Dunsmoor is speaking with the mom of one of the girls who died as she visits her daughter’s grave.

More than 100 South Dakota World War II Veterans and their guardians have landed in Washington, DC for SD Honor Flight #11. I streamed the departure ceremony live from the Sioux Falls Airport this morning on Click here to watch Governor Dennis Daugaard, Senator John Thune and the Brandon Valley Band send off the group and see some photos from the event. It sounds like they’re going to have good weather out there for this trip. KELOLAND’s Kelly Bartnick is traveling with the group as they tour the monuments and memorials and will bring back their stories for KELOLAND News next week.

Morning Meeting: A Father’s Warning

Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 10:04 am
By: Karen Sherman
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KELOLAND News received a phone call from a dad Wednesday who wants to share a warning with all parents. His 11-year-old son was recently playing with some friends when he was struck in the head with a ball that was hit with a metal bat. He seemed alright at first, but was later brought to Avera McKennan and had to be put in a medically-induced coma. It was a accident that happened so quickly but changed this family’s life forever. Shawn Neisteadt talks with the dad who wants to warn parents about keeping children safe.

It’s been months now since flooding concerns first started to rise and many are still battling the damage.  At Lake Thompson, the wind is damaging cabins around the shore. Hailey Higgins will show you what’s happened over the past few days.

And in Edmunds County, crews are still working to fix road damage. Apparently the roads that are no longer covered in water now need help because they’re eroding. Erich Schaffhauser will show you how crews are taking action to slow that down.

The next Honor Flight doesn’t take to the air until early tomorrow morning, but the veterans have already started their trek to Washington, DC. They boarded a bus in Rapid City and are headed to Sioux Falls, where they’ll board the plane Friday. Austin Hoffman was at the ceremonial sendoff West River and will have the details of the latest flight later tonight on KELOLAND News.

I’ll also be at the Sioux Falls Airport early tomorrow morning to bring you the ceremony to send off the veterans live on That’s scheduled for 5:45 a.m. so be sure to have your computer handy when you wake up in the morning.

Morning Meeting: Osama bin Laden’s Body

Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 10:17 am
By: Karen Sherman
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US officials say Osama bin Laden’s body was processed and sent to sea aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. The brother of a Sioux Falls man was aboard the ship when it all happened. Ben Dunsmoor will find out more about what it’s been like on the ship tonight on KELOLAND News.  

Top White House Officials are still deciding whether to release photos of the body to prove his death.  But White House aides say they’re “gruesome”.   Let us know whether you think they should be shared with the public on our KELOLAND Facebook page.

As we learn more about the operation to kill Osama bin Laden, some are questioning parts of the operation.  I’m specifically referring to the fact the US military used the code name “Geronimo” for bin Laden. The Apache leader fought the Mexican and US armies after his family was killed and was able to evade capture until 1886. Some Native Americans and those with the US Senate Indian Affairs Committee are speaking out against the code name. Hailey Higgins is getting reaction from Native Americans in KELOLAND.

And, it has the signature of a local official, but if you’ve received an e-mail going around that says someone’s buying up UPS uniforms for a possible terrorist attack, police say there’s no reason to be alarmed. Shawn Neisteadt has a warning about the “warning” tonight on KELOLAND News.

Morning Meeting: Troops Welcomed Home

Posted: Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 9:49 am
By: Karen Sherman
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It’s such a good feeling to know your loved ones in the military are back, safe on US soil. But it still doesn’t compare to being reunited. The families of around 200 with the South Dakota National Guard members will experience that today in Sioux Falls. The 196th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade is returning from Afghanistan. They’ll be welcomed home through a ceremony at 2:00 p.m., which we will stream live on Then we’ll have a team report on the homecoming later tonight on KELOLAND News. David Brown and Ben Dunsmoor will bring you the reunions and Don Jorgensen is talking to the soldiers to get their reaction to the recent death of Osama bin Laden.

Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether has recommended a Sioux Falls Events Center be built at the Arena site. (Watch the Mayor’s presentation) So what does the “Build It Downtown” group have to say to that? Well, in October one of its members said if the economic impact study showed it would be best elsewhere, he’d support it. Shawn Neisteadt is following up on that today.

Red Cross volunteers from the Black Hills are headed to Alabama today to help respond to tornado damage in Alabama from last week. It’s now considered the second-deadliest day of tornadoes in history with a rising death toll of 340 people. Volunteers are now working quickly to get food, water and other items to the region, including Alabama. So, Austin Hoffman will show you how the South Dakota group plans to aid those efforts.

Morning Meeting: Preparing For Careers & Construction

Posted: Friday, April 29, 2011 at 9:51 am
By: Karen Sherman
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If you or someone you know is looking for a full-time job for the first time, Colorado Technical University is holding a “Job Readiness Fair” to help guide you on how to prepare for an interview, build a resume and even clean up your social networking site. Katie Janssen has that story today.

Drivers in Central and Eastern Sioux Falls should probably find a new route next week. East 10th Street construction begins May 2 between the viaduct over the Big Sioux River and Cliff Avenue. Nicole Winters will have more on what’s happening with the project.  We’ll also post some maps on her story at to show you exactly where the detours will send you.

Then, Perry Groten’s talking with businesses along the stretch of road to find out how the reduced but slowed traffic could impact their sales and services.

Remember the flooding in Sioux Falls in May and June of 2004? It’s what sparked the massive sewer system upgrade throughout Central Sioux Falls. Well, nearly seven years later, there’s still a class action lawsuit filed against the city by 200 families that were impacted. David Brown will have the details that come out of today’s preliminary hearing.

And Scot Mundt is ready to put his snowfall prediction to bed for the season. He’ll have a final update on just how close he was tonight on KELOLAND News.

Morning Meeting: Huron Mayor Recall?

Posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 9:54 am
By: Karen Sherman
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A group in Huron is organizing a petition drive to hold a vote to recall the town’s mayor. Our Casey Wonnenberg talked with one of the petitioners this morning who says it’s tied to the resignation of former Police Chief Doug Schmitt and that he has a right to free speech. Erich Schaffhauser is in Huron to talk with organizers and get reaction from the community.

A man in Pennington County faces federal charges in a suspected prostitution and trafficking case. Austin Hoffman is talking with the local state’s attorney today about the charges and details of the case.

Shawn Neisteadt is talking with the Pierre School District Superintendent today about the impact on the lack of education funding. The school board there recently decided to close the gap in its budget by reducing staff by 20 positions through resignations, retirements and eliminating positions.

If you’ve ever wondered whether that large freckle or odd-shaped mole was harmful to your health, you’ll soon have the chance to get advice for free. Kelli Grant will have the details of a free skin cancer screening in HealthBeat on KELOLAND News at 6.

How often do you use your landline phone at home? On tonight’s Your Money Matters at 10 p.m., Angela Kennecke will show you how a local cellular phone company is helping people save money while keeping their “home” phone.

Morning Meeting: So, What’s Next With The Events Center?

Posted: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 9:27 am
By: Karen Sherman
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The consultants’ report came back showing that the Sioux Falls Arena site is more economically feasible than the Downtown site near Cherapa Place for a possible events center.

The presentation happened at 4:30 Monday night but there are many questions still to be answered. Take a look at the Events Center Economic Analysis and let us know in the comment section below what questions you want answered about the results.

One story we’re working on today is finding out what comes next. We’re also going to dig a little further into how the consultant groups came up with the results and what was taken into consideration.

Rummage season is in full swing and the big one is already well underway. With hundreds of homes signed up, Kingswood Rummage Sales are the largest organized neighborhood rummage in Sioux Falls and while it officially begins today, some sales opened last night and even last week. Later today, Nicole Winters will show you what people are looking for and what’s for sale. Let us know what you’re looking for on our KELOLAND News Facebook page.

Plus, tonight on KELOLAND News at 6 p.m., Kelli Grant will introduce you to a Brookings woman who’s discovered a new way to bake. She’s removed a major component from her recipes: flour. We’ll take you inside Bizzy Lizzy Bakery on this evening’s HealthBeat.

Morning Meeting: Running On Empty

Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 10:14 am
By: Karen Sherman
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How are you coping with the higher gas prices this time around? Apparently more people are pushing the limit of their vehicles by running on empty and actually using every last drop. AAA says it’s responding to more out-of-gas calls so far this year than usual. Nicole Winters will have more on what the auto club believes is behind the increase.

A Sioux Falls woman is scheduled to be sentenced this afternoon for embezzling $400,000 from her employer. Karen Lovro faces up to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated grand theft in January. Shawn Neisteadt will be in the courtroom.

And Aberdeen is expected to make an announcement about a significant number of jobs coming to the community. Erich Schaffhauser will have the details tonight on KELOLAND News and you can monitor for more on the announcement.

Plus, the Timberline Estates Neighborhood Rummages began today and the Kingswood Rummage Sales begin next week. If you’re planning your own this summer, there are some rules to rummaging. Peggy Moyer will take you through the do’s and don’ts tonight on KELOLAND News.

Morning Meeting: Towns Ask For Help For Roads

Posted: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 10:19 am
By: Karen Sherman
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It seems like many people are missing the sun these days. I just read on Twitter that it was shining in Sioux Falls. But just after I stepped outside, it went to hide behind a cloud.

Meteorologist Brian Karstens kicked off Wednesday’s morning meeting by updating us on the forecast. And it sounds like today is the best shot we have at seeing the sun for the rest of the week. There’s another system expected to start start developing to our south tonight with a chance of overnight rain and snow in Rapid City. It will move to the east on Thursday, with showers likely in eastern KELOLAND.

That additional rain isn’t good for areas that are already experiencing flooding in South Dakota. There are meetings in Hecla and Claremont today; both communities are asking Brown County for help dealing with the flooding. Roads around the small towns are in rough shape, so people are hoping the county can do something to fix them. KELOLAND’s Erich Schaffhauser will have more on the concerns later in the day.

Also today, Hamlin and Codington Counties are opening a call center where homeowners and farmers can report flood damage. The information will help officials in the two counties assess the amount and type of damage. Shawn Neisteadt is talking with people at Lake Poinsett to find out what sort of damage they are reporting.

Morning Meeting: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Posted: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 9:45 am
By: Karen Sherman
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More rain and snow is on the way to South Dakota.  That makes me want to sing one of my niece’s favorite nursery rhymes, “Rain, rain, go away.  Come again another day.”  I think we could all use a few days of sunshine right about now!  It sounds like we may have to wait until the weekend for that.

The additional precipitation will push river levels higher.  The Big Sioux and James rivers are expected to go up about a foot. But the National Weather Service says the crests should be lower than last month. KELOLAND’s Shawn Neisteadt will look at if there’s any additional cause for concern in areas that experienced flooding in March.

Homeowners who live along the Vermillion River are keeping a close watch on the water levels. According to the USGS gauge near Vermillion, the river is up five feet since Friday. We’ll check in on the conditions later on KELOLAND News.

Did you catch Erich Schaffhauser’s story on the flooding around Claremont on Monday’s 10 p.m. news? The video was the talk of the meeting today! Besides the flooded roads and all of the water, there’s still a lot of snow on the ground. And that area is expected to get more this week. There are winter weather advisories in effect for northern and western KELOLAND including Aberdeen, Pierre and Rapid City. KELOLAND Meteorologists will be tracking the snow and have updates throughout the day on Midday in KELOLAND, plus KELOLAND News at 5, 6 and 10.