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Morning Meeting: Cars Caught In Tornado

Posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 9:21 am
By: Kealey Bultena
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The EF4 tornado that went through northeastern Iowa Friday caused signficiant damage. We’ll show you a farm where a home and bulidings were destroyed. We took you to Little Rock, IA this weekend. You can see a story about a farm where everything was destroyed but the house wasn’t touched and a piece about a man whose family home was damaged by the storm.

Also in Iowa, some cars pulled under an overpass during the tornado, but the winds pulled the cars from under the bridge.  We’ll show you the images tonight on KELOLAND News. Have you been caught on the road in severe weather? Some safety myths exist about what you should do if you’re driving during a tornado. What would you do?

Schools in South Dakota are downsizing tobacco prevention programs. That’s because tobacco tax money is going to be used in other areas. KELOLAND’s Katie Janssen will bring you the story tonight.