Morning Meeting: So, What’s Next With The Events Center?

Posted: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 9:27 am
By: Karen Sherman
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The consultants’ report came back showing that the Sioux Falls Arena site is more economically feasible than the Downtown site near Cherapa Place for a possible events center.

The presentation happened at 4:30 Monday night but there are many questions still to be answered. Take a look at the Events Center Economic Analysis and let us know in the comment section below what questions you want answered about the results.

One story we’re working on today is finding out what comes next. We’re also going to dig a little further into how the consultant groups came up with the results and what was taken into consideration.

Rummage season is in full swing and the big one is already well underway. With hundreds of homes signed up, Kingswood Rummage Sales are the largest organized neighborhood rummage in Sioux Falls and while it officially begins today, some sales opened last night and even last week. Later today, Nicole Winters will show you what people are looking for and what’s for sale. Let us know what you’re looking for on our KELOLAND News Facebook page.

Plus, tonight on KELOLAND News at 6 p.m., Kelli Grant will introduce you to a Brookings woman who’s discovered a new way to bake. She’s removed a major component from her recipes: flour. We’ll take you inside Bizzy Lizzy Bakery on this evening’s HealthBeat.

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  1. robert livingston says:

    I have traveled to many citys to attend many concerts and have never minded traveling a few exta miles to see other attractions and eat at other places in the city I have been to. The arena site is not very far from downtown. My opinion is that the people downtown need to realize that if they have things that will attract visitors that they will drive a few extra miles to visit it. The city offers many things for people to see even without a new events center and I believe that no matter where the event center is built if the people of Sioux Falls make things attractive visitors will spend their time and money. The people of Sioux Falls need to know that no matter where the events center is it won’t matter if the attractions aren’t visited. The events center at the arena site is only a few miles from downtown and if the business downtown believe that they can’t attract people to the downtown area then maybe they need to look at their advertising and marketing instead of trying to make city look like the bad guy. I can only say that no matter where the events center is built, I believe it will do nothing but good for everyone even the businesses that exist by the arena who in my opinion haven’t been given the same voice as the downtown businesses.

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