Morning Meeting: Towns Ask For Help For Roads

Posted: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 10:19 am
By: Karen Sherman
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It seems like many people are missing the sun these days. I just read on Twitter that it was shining in Sioux Falls. But just after I stepped outside, it went to hide behind a cloud.

Meteorologist Brian Karstens kicked off Wednesday’s morning meeting by updating us on the forecast. And it sounds like today is the best shot we have at seeing the sun for the rest of the week. There’s another system expected to start start developing to our south tonight with a chance of overnight rain and snow in Rapid City. It will move to the east on Thursday, with showers likely in eastern KELOLAND.

That additional rain isn’t good for areas that are already experiencing flooding in South Dakota. There are meetings in Hecla and Claremont today; both communities are asking Brown County for help dealing with the flooding. Roads around the small towns are in rough shape, so people are hoping the county can do something to fix them. KELOLAND’s Erich Schaffhauser will have more on the concerns later in the day.

Also today, Hamlin and Codington Counties are opening a call center where homeowners and farmers can report flood damage. The information will help officials in the two counties assess the amount and type of damage. Shawn Neisteadt is talking with people at Lake Poinsett to find out what sort of damage they are reporting.

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