Morning Meeting: Honoring A Fallen Officer

Posted: Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 9:50 am
By: Karen Sherman
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Governor Dennis Daugaard has ordered that flags in the state be flown at half-staff on Saturday to honor State Penitentiary Correctional Officer Ron Johnson.  Law enforcement from across the state are also planning to come to Johnson’s funeral this weekend.  Nicole Winters will show you how they’ll play a role in honoring Johnson with his family and the community.

Inmates Rodney Berget and Eric Robert are both suspected of killing Johnson and then trying to escape.  Berget has been successful in escaping before.  Now he and Robert are being held in the Minnehaha County Jail awaiting their next court hearing.  So, what are county officials doing to make sure they stay put at that facility? Peggy Moyer is talking with the sheriff the efforts.

The damage at Lake Poinsett is getting worse now that the ice is starting to pound on buildings.  Shawn Neisteadt is in Hamlin County today and is also headed toward Hayti where the gas company is keeping an eye on the exposed natural gas line that is floating in water.What’s the drive like right in front of your house?  Do you feel like you’re dodging holes and broken up pavement just to get in your driveway?  We’ve seen crews out patching potholes and fixing broken concrete over the past several weeks, but some side streets are getting bad too. Jon Wilson is looking into it. Let us know where you’ve seen rough roads in the comments below.

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