Morning Meeting: MMA Trainer Charged In Death

Posted: Friday, April 1, 2011 at 9:22 am
By: Karen Sherman
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The death of a man in Watertown is bringing attention to the sport of mixed martial arts because the man accused in his death is an MMA trainer and self-defense instructor. Ben Dunsmoor had the details last night and now Watertown’s Mayor is interested in banning the competitive fights in town. Perry Groten is headed to Watertown today to get the details on what comes next.

Superintendents are gathering here at our studios today to record this week’s Inside KELOLAND. They’re going to discuss the cuts they’re having to make because of the state funding reduction. Katie Janssen is hosting the discussion and will have a preview of what they said later today.

And the Huron Police Chief has retired and resigned. He was put on administrative leave last month after he testified before a legislative committee about illegal aliens working at some area businesses. David Brown is headed to Huron to get reaction from people in town.

On a positive note, this year 10 kids will get a Make-A-Wish gift from a WWE fighter… and one is from South Dakota. Jon Wilson has the Elk Point was there as a young man from Elk Point boarded the plane for WrestleMania.

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