Morning Meeting: Monitoring The Rain & Flooding

Posted: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 9:25 am
By: Karen Sherman
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The rain falling throughout the day is expected to have the largest impact in the north. Later today, meteorologist Scot Mundt will go over just how much has fallen in the areas that don’t need it.

Our Erich Schaffhauser is on his way to Spink County where Redfield Lake is on the rise. People there are rushing to sandbag as homes begin to flood from our recent rain.

And, the water is up again in Trent. We’re monitoring the situation there as the town deals with a rollercoaster of concerns. Peggy Moyer will have the latest.

And Nicole Winters is at this morning’s Minnehaha County Commission meeting where the sheriff and emergency management are briefing the commissioners on the flooding situation here. I’m hearing they’ll likely begin closing more roads today. You’ll be able to see those on our map on the Flooding In KELOLAND section of our website.

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