Morning Meeting: Deadly House Fire

Posted: Friday, March 4, 2011 at 10:47 am
By: Karen Sherman
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A little girl is in serious condition at a Sioux Falls hospital following a house fire last night that killed a man in the central part of town. Today, Perry Groten is following up on the investigation into the cause and we’ll continue to check on the little girl’s condition.

Lawmakers have the day off in Pierre but they may notice an increase in messages from constituents. We’re hearing that more school principals are asking parents to┬ácontact their legislators about education funding. Katie Janssen will have that story.

Gas Station Humor

Gas Station Humor

What are you willing to give up to pay for gas? A local gas station is suggesting an arm, leg, and other anatomy and on another sign has internet acronyms. The signs are going viral in Sioux Falls. We’ll talk with the owner who’s trying to bring some comic relief to drivers as they deal with rising prices.

(I was kind of concerned about how parents are explaining what WTF is to kids… But a producer mentioned her kid thinks ‘funny’ is the ‘F’ word. So I guess that works too.)

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  1. Lynn Parker says:

    WTF translation for kids is: way too funny

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