Morning Meeting: Gas Prices And River Levels Rise

Posted: Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 10:43 am
By: Karen Sherman
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The 2011 South Dakota legislative session is wrapping up and lawmakers still have a lot of important decisions to make. After today, lawmakers have five days to come up with a budget before taking a two-week recess.

Much of the discussion at today’s morning meeting was about all that is left to be worked on. Coming up this morning, KELOLAND’s Peggy Moyer will ask Governor Dennis Daugaard about the progress legislators have made and get his thoughts on the big decisions that are still coming.

Many of us noticed gas prices jumped again overnight. On Wednesday, I saw gas was at $3.29 a gallon; this morning, it was up to $3.45. Why didn’t I fill up yesterday? I found that nationwide, prices went up four cents overnight and the nationwide average is now at $3.40. It adds to how much the average driver has to pay and also to how much cities pay to fuel up vehicles. Kelly Bartnick is checking in on how Sioux Falls is affected by rising gas prices.

A new flood outlook has been released for South Dakota. And not much has changed. It still looks like the state will see flooding this spring. Meteorologist Scot Mundt will review the outlook and Shawn Neisteadt will be talking with people preparing for flooding.


  1. shannon miller says:

    it really sucks been on social securtiy no raises for two years .but gas and food just keep going up along with taxes.

  2. Eric D Karges says:

    My favorite rising gas price excuse is that demand for gas is going up, so the prices keep going up. I don’t know a single person who buys MORE gas the more prices go up!

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