Morning Meeting: KELOLAND Apps Launch

Posted: Friday, February 25, 2011 at 10:42 am
By: Karen Sherman
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We have BIG news today at

You can now download the KELOAND News App for your smartphone and mobile iDevices. It allows you to see the latest news of the day, watch videos, see the KELOLAND Live HD Radars, get your forecast and share videos and story ideas all in one app.

Just go to the appropriate “store” for you device and download it for FREE! You can find more details here.

Sioux Falls is yet another step closer toward a possible future events center. So, does now knowing where it would be built Downtown change your thoughts on whether it should be built at the Arena/Convention Center site versus Downtown?

Today David Brown is hoping to talk with former Mayor Dave Munson about the progress since he spent so many years trying to bring the venue to town.

Then Ben Dunsmoor is going to talk more with Jeff Scherschligt, who owns the land and built Cherapa Place, to get his reaction to the announcement. Perry Groten is also out getting people’s reaction to the announcement at a local coffee shop. If you don’t run into him, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Another big story today is still the gas prices. Kelly Bartnick showed you Thursday how they varied about 16 cents depending on where you filled up along Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls. Today Shawn Neisteadt is going to ask around to find out why it’s so different.

When I posted the pictures yesterday of our prices, I got a lot of feedback from former co-workers from across the country.  Some are seeing much lower prices, others are much higher… even nearing or at the $4 mark. You can see exactly how our prices compare with the rest of the country here.

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