Morning Meeting: Gas Prices Jump

Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 10:52 am
By: Karen Sherman
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I filled up with gas on my way to work this morning and couldn’t believe my bad timing. If only I had done it before stations started raising prices. Starting the day with $3.24 gas was a bit depressing because I remember AAA’s Mark Madeja in Nicole Winter’s story last night saying even he’s shocked prices in KELOLAND went up so fast.

Nicole did find prices ranged in Sioux Falls as high as $3.34 to a low of $3.07 at Mr. Nifty.



But this morning when our reporters drove past, that low price jumped to one of the highest and is now selling for $3.43 per gallon.



Kelly Bartnick is looking into the fluctuating prices across town.

Help us report the highest and lowest prices in your area by sharing them in our comment section below.

As part of Nicole’s story yesterday, we also put in a call to the South Dakota Attorney General’s office to find out how they deal with suspected price gouging. They said they take complaints but that the state doesn’t have any regulations on price gouging. Interesting?

In other developing news today, the City of Sioux Falls is announcing today at 1:30 p.m. where the architectural firm for an events center has chosen as the most “most suitable and feasible location Downtown.” KELOLAND News will be there and bring you the decision instantly on and then have reaction tonight on KELOLAND News.


  1. Roger Spicer says:

    I paid 2.93 a gallon for gas in Rapid City Monday (Feb. 21)Got to Sioux Falls that afternoon and it was $3.19. This morning on south Minnesota Get n Go it is $3.35. We need a news story to explain how a spike in crude can hit us so fast. Find out what it costs to produce a gallon of gas. Also remember this was ethenol which we as taxpayer subsudise to the tune of .50 a gallon to mix in the fuel. Wake up.We are being gouged.

  2. Lynn Parker says:

    I know for a fact that the Gas Plus station on W 12th changes their prices several times per day – up and down. Go figure.

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  4. Liz says:

    Centerville SD price for unleaded $3.43 drove to Chamberlain SD and prices jumped to $3.54 for unleaded. YIKES! Looks like my west river vacation is going to be more expensive than planned.

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