Morning Meeting: Are You Willing To Pay Up?

Posted: Friday, February 18, 2011 at 10:43 am
By: Karen Sherman
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I’m curious today who you think knows what’s best for South Dakota, our children and our elderly? There’s an awful lot of talk going on about the idea of a 1% sales tax increase to help get the state through the budget crisis while keeping the quality of basic state programs and services.

As Katie Janssen showed you Thursday, a Milbank woman is not having a problem getting petitions signed to support a 1% sales tax increase. People feel the state needs to fund education and Medicaid and they’re willing to help pay for it. A poll on Katie’s story shows 81 percent of people who took part also support the move. So today, we’re taking that story further and Perry Groten is going to continue to look into the support behind the movement.

Schools aren’t wasting any time preparing for the proposed cuts, just in case they do go through. In Aberdeen, Erich Schaffhauser’s going to talk with the district’s superintendent about the plan he laid out for parents at last night’s meeting. You can look at the slides he shared here. Page 13 begins laying out everything he proposes the district cut, including the number of employees by department.

David Brown is also looking further into the charges filed against a former Huron police officer. 38-year-old Tony Beerman is accused of sending sexually explicit video and text message to a teenage girl. The City Commission meeting’s minutes in December also show he was fired in executive session.

And remember what happened with the high water at Lake Poinsett last spring? Well, the lake level is apparently a lot higher now than it was even this time last year so they’re expecting even more damage this time around. We have a crew up there today to show you the situation even before it gets worse.

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