Morning Meeting: Build It Where?

Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 10:46 am
By: Karen Sherman
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The debate over where to build an events center in Sioux Falls rages on. And today the Build It Downtown group says it has four possible locations selected. Shawn Neisteadt will take you on a tour of the sites they’re asking the City Council and Mayor to consider.

As we told you yesterday, President Obama has proposed cutting federal funding to the Lewis And Clark Regional Water System, which project officials say would bring it to a screeching halt. Later today, we’ll talk with South Dakota’s US Senators about the budget proposal and the impact it could have in KELOLAND.

Our snowy winter may have you itching to go someplace warmer. But some aspiring travelers have found air fare hikes are making that difficult. Nicole Winters is talking to a travel agent to find out what’s behind the increase in rates.

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  1. Lynn Parker says:

    It seems from the mayor and all the news stories that the events center will be built – before the citizens even have a chance to vote for this. Then the council gives him $500,000 for “research”. Then the council is short $800,000. What!!!! A lot of money and effort is being spent before any approval from the citizens. I feel this mayor should devote 80% of his time to getting more jobs for our citizens. Once folks are working again, the sales tax revenues will go up again. I also do not think the citizens should subsidize another venue in this current economic tarpit.

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