Morning Meeting: Bystanders Stop Kidnapping

Posted: Monday, February 14, 2011 at 10:22 am
By: Karen Sherman
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Some good samaritans in Sioux Falls are credited for helping catch a suspected kidnapper. Police say the mother left the car running with the child inside when she ran into a convenience store and a 45-year-old man jumped in and drove away. Shawn Niesteadt is gathering more details today. Then Hailey Higgins is talking with a woman who saw it happen and why the neighbor says the suspect frightens her. The Aberdeen City Council is once again scheduled to look into an in-home day accutanegeneric-reviews care that the city attorney says should have its city license revoked. We looked into Michelle Knebel’s background last week when it was originally scheduled to be discussed. Erich Schaffhauser will be at tonight’s meeting to bring you the discussion on KELOLAND News at 10. Happy Valentine’s Day. How much are generic zoloft you spending on your sweetie today? The deliveries are rolling into the newsroom. It’s 10:20 AM and I count four. Let us know how you’re celebrating on our KELOLAND Facebook page. Then because there are critics of the holiday, Nicole Winters is looking into whether it’s a made-up celebration for the sake of consumerism. What are your thoughts? Also, the Sioux Falls City Council will get an update on the progress on bringing an events center to town at 4:00 PM happy on cymbalta today. We’ll stream that live for you on and then David Brown will bring you more on whether the project is still running behind schedule.

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  1. Dave says:

    Hats off to the people who helped save this child, true heroes. But how come nobody is questioning the mother for leaving her 1 year old un attended in a running car at 930 pm?

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