Morning Meeting: Colds, Cell Phones & Cuts

Posted: Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 10:14 am
By: Karen Sherman
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You’re awake. You’ve started the day. Now, how are you feeling? I hope you’re not one of the many contemplating a trip to the doctor’s office. A couple people here at KELO have noticed the waiting rooms at local clinics are getting full and waits at acute care facilities are getting lengthy. Kelli Grant is going to look into what’s going around this time on today’s HealthBeat.

It’s “new cell phone” day” for thousands in KELOLAND now that Verizon Wireless has released the iPhone. That can come with a learning curve if you haven’t read the manual. Who does that anyways? Okay, I do. But I picked up a co-worker’s Droid recently and had no idea how to even send a text message. So as you play around with your new phone today, let us know below what you think of it in the comment section below. Then Hailey Higgins will introduce you to people who braved the cold this morning and lined up to get their hands on one.

And Shawn Neisteadt is in Pierre today where Sioux Falls Superintendent Pam Homan is meeting with Governor Dennis Daugaard about his proposed cuts to education. We’ll have reports today at the Midday, Five and Six o’clock News.

On Monday we profiled the Faith School District and the funding challenges it’s faced.  Then yesterday, the district received a major donation that’s going to help the district build a new school. We’re also learning of a local hotel that’s helping raise money for the district. Austin Hoffman will show you how the school is benefiting later today.

And the Minnesota committee that oversees the Metrodome is considering today whether to replace the entire roof or just parts of it after it collapsed in early December.  What would you like to see done?  Share your thoughts on our KELOLAND Facebook page today.

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