Morning Meeting: Discussing Education Funding

Posted: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 10:43 am
By: Karen Sherman
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  1. Lynn Parker says:

    I am almost 58 and I still use the phone for personal conversations, but email is great for sending jokes and videos.
    School board – here is what I have been wondering: what percent of the budgets go to textbooks? As expensive as they are, I would assume it is a big bill. Would changing technology help? I am referring to the e-readers. If each student had all of their textbooks loaded onto this gadget, how much could the schools save? If it is a feasible idea, then the state could help locate a manufacturer and get a great deal, possibly at a lower price. Students would no longer be hurting their backs, carrying 30-50 pounds of books in their backpacks. Maybe the budget cut is a blessing in disguise and the schools could advance into the electronic era and save tons of money. Regular textbooks become outdated in a year or two. With an e-reader, you would always have the current data available.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I think they should take the video lottery money out of the general fund and put it to education like they said they would do when they initially opened video lottery. The next thing you’ll hear is that we need a state income tax. This will scare everyone into a tax hike. Education of our children is THE most important issue. Maybe the administrators, and the Governor should lose 10% of their income.

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