Morning Meeting: Thune For President?

Posted: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 10:58 am
By: Karen Sherman
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What do you do for a living? Is it something you aspired to do all your life or did “life” lead you there? If your life took you down a path to your job, you have something in common with Senator John Thune.

I just finished approving tonight’s Eye on KELOLAND, which features Thune and his wife, Kimberly. KELOLAND’s Ben Dunsmoor sat down with them as the Senator contemplates a run for the presidency.

Growing up, it’s something Thune says he never aspired to do. He never even planned on becoming a US Senator or, for that matter, seeking office. But decades later, the clock is now ticking as he and his family decides whether to seek the Republican nomination to challenge Barack Obama for the Presidency.

We’re also working on a team report for you today on Thune’s possible run. On KELOLAND News at Six, Ben will talk with Thune about his timeline in making the final decision. And Shawn Neisteadt is talking with a political analyst about the impact a run could have on the people of South Dakota.

Remember that referee who collapsed during halftime of the O’Gorman girls basketball game a couple weeks ago? Well, he’s doing much better today and is back at home. Kelli Grant is going to talk with him and his wife for HealthBeat tonight at Five and Six.

The weather also has people talking in KELOLAND and school districts¬†figuring out how they’re going to make up snow days. That’s the case for Tiospa Zina where administrators are talking with teachers today. Erich Schaffhauser will have that story.

And how’s your car running today? The tow truck crews are staying busy and they expect to get even more calls as the day goes on. Hailey Higgins caught up with one company as they helped get drivers going in this extreme cold.

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